A Full Room

"This is a home you can always return to no matter how long you've been gone or where life has taken you. Lives are forever changed by being a part of this magic."


She, like my own.

I wonder if she also worries. I have heard fear in her voice before. “Mama, please don’t scream because I don’t want you to get shooted.”

A Damsel In Defiance

A damsel stands near some train tracks. Contrary to the anticipated narrative, she holds a rope –the restraint that was meant to keep her tied her to the tracks. She was supposed to be crying out for a cowboy to save her in the instant before her demise. But she knows knots, and she knows…

Snow in the City

As my 77-year-old mother shoveled out her neighbor’s parking space this afternoon, I thought about her years of shoveling snow in Boston. Years of putting on gloves, a hat and scarf, and heading out to shovel that same Brighton sidewalk. The years when she had her seven children to get it done for her and…